Aisha McKinney, the Evolutionary Attorney Seeking to Change the Trajectory of Millennial Entrepreneurship.

Her passion for changing the dynamics of entrepreneurship, combined with her legal experience has earned her great acclaim and name.

Aisha McKinney has accomplished exceptionally as a business-minded legal professional based in Atlanta, Georgia, with a virtual law practice named ‘Evolutionary Ventures Law Group’. Her practice is primarily focused on several areas of contracts, intellectual property and business affairs. Speaking about the same, she says, “My focus is to serve as the premier legal resource for various business owners and companies of all sizes who are looking to develop processes and procedures which are not only efficient enough to scale a business but which are also compliant with industry-relevant laws and regulations. I bring a wealth of knowledge in various facets of entrepreneurship due to my combined legal experience as a former paralegal for multiple mid-sized law firms, a corporate counsel for several multi-million-dollar companies, and a business owner in the real estate industry.”

A brief about Aisha’s work.

Aisha has 10+ years of legal experience. Before turning 30, she served as the sole Corporate Counsel for various businesses in different phases of profitability. Aisha was fortunate enough to serve under a CEO who had grown the business from a reputable parking manager in the south to the second-largest parking company in the nation.

“I was typically the youngest person “at the table” and was often put on the spot to offer “prompt resolutions” to complex legal questions amidst having tons of other legal responsibilities, including contract negotiations and litigation management. It was this level of trust which developed my skill set and caused my legal identity to flourish”, Aisha remarked.

Obstacles faced by Aisha.

Aisha has faced several hurdles to reach this far. She grew up in an environment which lacked the opportunity and resources to aid her on the journey of becoming an attorney. In the beginning, Aisha struggled with anxiety and depression. Despite the obstacles, none of these situations could ever make her question her abilities because she always worked twice as hard as her peers to ensure that she possessed the knowledge and skills to exceed any expectations.

What makes her different from others?

Aisha’s previous work experience offers her a unique perspective for the current clients. She can work internally for large corporate clients and be a part of exponential profitability. Aisha says, “I have had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the nation’s most successful CEOs and multi-million-dollar entrepreneurs. I have been a part of the strategy meetings to close deals, to structure finances, develop systems, and acquire capital. These are nuggets that some of my competitors could only hope to experience. What I bring to the table is more than just basic legal knowledge. I bring a wide range of entrepreneurial experience to provide counsel and consulting in a wide array of business areas.”

Aisha’s plans

“I would like to be perceived not as “a” millennial business attorney but as “the” millennial business attorney”, Aisha said. She not only possesses the legal skills necessary to help businesses to evaluate risk and strategize to reduce liability but also possesses the business acumen and leadership to strategize like a CEO in regards to marketing, sales, finance, and human capital.

Aisha’s biggest purpose is to be the pin drop in the water which changes the trajectory of a young entrepreneur’s life and helps them to develop and protect the generational wealth that they seek by serving as a dedicated resource and knowledgeable advisor for their business affairs. “I am fuelled by my passion for entrepreneurship and I am beyond excited to share my growing knowledge and skills with others who have a business or are looking to start a business and advisor”, Aisha’s stated.

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