Jeremy Finlay Uses Storytelling to Make an Impact

There’s never been a more critical time for business leaders to claim their market category and lead their customers into a better, less chaotic reality. There are thousands—possibly millions of people who suffer from anxiety every day. All because they don’t have what you can give them. It’s a crying shame, truly.

Jeremy Finlay is on a mission to serve business leaders, those who are the best in the world at what they do. He’s here to equip his clients with a sales weapon so sharp it cuts through even the thickest doubt, skyrockets revenue and opens up the customer’s heart and friendship in the process.

Jeremy Finlay is the highest-paid sales documentary expert in the world who tells transformational true stories which help ease the pain. He has a passion for driving crazy revenue for the companies that deploy their stories.

He’s personally helped drive over $54,000,000 direct-tracked revenue in coaching and info sales across 7 industries since about 2013. He’s helped and created over 30,000 clients…talk about a wild ride. But, it didn’t start out this way. He gave birth to an odd combination of Hollywood storytelling and documentary filmmaking in a way that gets noticed. Keep reading to learn more.

Can you tell us more about what your company does? 

We create done-for-you documentaries and ground-breaking video ads for world-class business leaders. These documentaries tell our client’s stories, multiply their revenue, and establish differentiated, prestigious positioning in their industry.

How did you create your brand? What was the idea behind it?

We’ve worked with (or are currently working with) Superbowl Champs, Silicon Valley Titans, Hollywood Directors, and celebrities like Kevin Costner, Kurt Russel, and Paris Hilton. We’ve also worked with 8 and 9 Figure Entrepreneurs like Daymond John, Garrett White, Russ Ruffino, Gerard Adams, Heads of State, former CIA agents, and more. It’s a long list.

Before pioneering the Salesumentary method and becoming the #2 and CMO of Wake Up Warrior, I was just another video guy who had some marketing knowledge I could bring to the table.

One day, I was getting subway sandwiches for Garrett during lunch. Sub in hand, sauce dripping from the bread, he leaned across the table in between bites and said, “We need a documentary.” 

I nodded in agreement. I liked the idea. The problem was…I had no idea how to make one. 

So I did what many people do in a moment like that… I asked Doctor Google. I googled it, found some dusty document lurking in a quiet corner on the internet, and figured it out on my own.

Fast forward through sleepless nights to two months later…

I created a documentary that generated millions of dollars in sales and catapulted a movement from obscurity to global, legendary status. Today, that same Salesumentary is still bringing in business, 7 years later.

During that time, industry tactics have underperformed in the marketplace: 

  • Automated webinars were all the rage and then stopped pulling the weight they used to.
  • Ugly VSLs have bit the dust. 
  • Long sales letters by world-class copywriters are few and far between. They’ve been replaced by 15-second TikToks that only work on people who are too broke to hire you.
  •  Best-selling book funnels lost their bite when customers realized that the books were nothing but glorified transcripts or a hodge-podge of blog posts.
  • Tripwire funnels came and went… costing a fortune to create and leading to a mere trickle of revenue, insulting your intelligence, wasting your time, and diluting your brand.

Facebook and Instagram Live work for those who have no lives and are instead a slave to the comment section where your content is sandwiched between titties, kitties, and political outrage posts that subconsciously associates your brand to God-knows-what-else as people flick through the feed.

And my Salesumentary? Through all of the hype, it stands as a tireless champion of lead-attraction, brand-positioning, and sales-multiplication.

I sometimes joke that I’m known as the “8 and 9-Figure Business Whisperer,” because I specialize in taking frustrated 6 and 7 figure earners and quickly transform their brand to command respect, acclaim, and an 8-figure fortune.

How does your brand work? 

Lots of companies do incredible work, but the outside world would never know it. What we do is show the world what these leaders have built in a way that’s undeniable and inspiring. We call it world-building, and we do it through video in a way that no one else can.

I took everything I learned about composing music and applied it to video. The results speak for themselves.

Everyone knows video is king–but most videos are a snore. The trick is to combine key messaging from your marketing material with the rich experience of film. The result is an entertaining and inspiring documentary that builds trust, establishes rapport, converts viewers into customers, and turns customers into raving fans. 

With a Salesumentary, your competitors will look on in envy of your creative approach to lead generation. It’s how you can make top entrepreneurs like Daymond John get up and take notice of your business… even though nothing about you has changed.

You go from being the best-kept secret in your marketplace and a diamond in the rough to claiming market dominance with polish and shine. 

Do you have a helpful tip for our readers? 

A single sales-getting documentary for your business can automatically build trust, create rapport, convert viewers into high-paying customers, and establish differentiated positioning in the market.

What challenges did you go through as you built your business? What challenges do you face on a daily basis? 

Price was one. It took me a few clients to realize I was charging way too little for my services. I had an old mentor (who is now my CMO) who insisted that I raise my prices. So we did. And then we raised them again. The demand is there, and so most people who apply to work with us aren’t a good fit. 

That’s another thing I learned: I worked with most companies in the beginning. That was an idea born out of good intentions, but it didn’t work out well for anyone. Some companies get the spirit of what this is about and how to leverage it. Some don’t, and they’re expecting miracles even though they are brand-new to business. We don’t work with folks who are brand-new anymore. We work with those who are the best at what they do.

How do you manage your business finances? Did you receive funding? 

No funding received. Because we practice what we preach and use Salesumentaries for all of our marketing, we are currently spending $1 on ads in the cold market to make $8.38 in return. We’ve been profitable from day one and work with a small team of MacGyver types who can each fulfill half-a-dozen roles in one.

What is your vision for your brand? What is your dream for the next level?  

We like keeping it small and bespoke. I’ve been influenced by the book, Small Giants by Bo Burlingham. There are plenty other areas of my life where I can scale –– with my software company, Quantum, with my music –– this is just a vehicle to work with awesome people, produce some serious funding power, and get to learn from world-changers as we help them build a world for their brand.

What message would you like to give to people who want to create something of their own and make a living through it?

Start by obsessively serving a single person (or business, if you are B2B). Create as much value as you can possibly imagine for one person. That person becomes your first success story and becomes the avatar for every other person you can serve. If you can help one person, you can help millions. And reaching millions of people you can serve has never been faster, easier, and cheaper to do.


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